Marina Rothberg on site at Beth She'an in southern Israel.

Summer at the CHC

I have been interested in the preservation of antiquities and objects of cultural heritage for years but the recent events in the Middle East, particularly regarding ISIS in Syria, have made me more impassioned and given me a great sense of urgency. After three summers of excavation in a burial ground in Southern Israel, my[…]


Post-Conflict Construction of Memory and Heritage: Studying the Maya Caste War in Tihosuco, Mexico

By Richard Leventhal, Executive Director of the Penn Cultural Heritage Center Cultural heritage and conflict are linked together in unexpected ways. My own work as an archaeologist with modern Maya communities has helped understand both the connection of heritage, conflict and development as well as the critical importance of these relationships for the future survival[…]


Conflict Culture Research Network Launch Event

  By Grace Golden, Administrative Coordinator for the Penn Cultural Heritage Center On Thursday, June 23, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery hosted a screening of the documentary “The Destruction of Memory” as a kickoff event for the Conflict Culture Research Network. The event began with opening statements from Karima Bennoune, the UN Special Rapporteur in the[…]

High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and the Destruction of Cultural Artifacts in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan

The Geospatial Technologies and Human Rights Project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), with funding from the Oak Foundation, investigated reports of the destruction of Armenian cultural artifacts by Azerbaijan that occurred between 1998 and 2005. Using high-resolution satellite imagery, AAAS documented the phased destruction of a medieval Armenian cemetery in[…]


Announcing the Conflict Culture Research Network

By Brian I. Daniels, Richard M. Leventhal, Corine Wegener, and Susan Wolfinbarger Why is cultural heritage targeted during conflict? Under what circumstances? By whom? Cultural heritage represents the physical manifestation of culture and history and forms a major component of a people’s identity. We know that it is often targeted or destroyed during periods of[…]